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» July 17, 2009
  TMG Entertainment announces the launch of their new television series program, The Mental Game, and the completion of the episode, "The Mental Game, Stand-Up Comedy, My First Time" ...
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» June 3, 2009
  TMG Entertainment announces the completion of "The Mental Game of Golf", their second episode in the new television series, "The Mental Game"...
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» May 15, 2009
  TMG Entertainment announces the launch of their new television series program, The Mental Game, and the completion of the episode, The Mental Game tennis pilot...
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Bill, John & Ivory
The Mental Game TV Show
In 2007, Bill and John Cole, brothers, decided to join forces and create a reality television show pilot. The show's premise was based on thirty-plus years of Bill Cole's work as a successful mental game coach and John's twenty-four years of entertainment industry experience and relationships.

Thus, they co-created the television show pilot "The Mental Game".

The TV pilot is an innovative program focusing on the mental game of sports, business and life. The show focuses on how people learn, perform and achieve greatness. Bill Cole, MS, MA, the show's host, co-creator and mental game coach says, "Paradoxically, the mind is the last frontier of study and control in anything we do. Top achievers and performers know that mind power is what separates them from the rest of the field and catapults them into the winner's circle. A strong mental game is the potent magic behind overcoming the inevitable mental and emotional obstacles that everyone faces in their quest for success in learning, performing and achieving". This interactive reality television show goes inside the 'mind' of virtually everyone in sports, business and life. A large percentage of casting focuses on how people think, access 'mental toughness' and how they overcome adversity.

Prior to the show, each guest completes a comprehensive analysis called the Mental Game Skills Assessment (MGSA). The MGSA reveals both 'how they win' and 'how they fail'. The Mental Game Coach then examines the mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses of each guest, then reveals for the viewing audience how they overcome these mental game obstacles and break through to a new level of achievement. The show's format is designed to be a learning experience for both the participants as well as the television viewing audience. Bill Cole has created over 1,100 mental game training modules, methods and techniques, and uses a select group in each show.
Guest Profiles
The show chooses accomplished people of all ages who have a compelling story to tell, and who want to create a breakthrough in their life. We ask guests to be open to exploring their mental game, and specifically, to enthusiastically engage in the coaching process with Bill Cole.
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